Uranus, ancient weapon

Alright, we all know that Pluton is a ship that seems to scare the sh*t out of everyone. Crocodile obsessed over it and Franky and iceburg were terrified when they saw the blueprints. Fair enough.:neutral:
Poseidon is shirahoshi and has the power to communicate with seakings and use them for her bidding and enslave them, right?:smirk:Now the question is what is Uranus? Well hear me out, pluton and Poseidon are all linked with the sea, right? (ship and Mermaid) so we can assume that Uranus will also be involved with the sea. And the fact that one piece is all about the sea.

Now what if Uranus is the “tree” for the devil fruits. It would make sense, Devil fruits are incredibly powerful or useful in their own way. It is safe to assume that it is not created by someone like VegaPunk as they are making artificial devil fruits. Note how they regenerate when someone dies, some type of mystical power. Now when a DF user goes into seawater, they become useless. DF are said to have originated from the sea. Remember that Pluton and Poseidon are ‘sea’ based.
It would make sense as the ancient weapons possess powers beyond compare. So Uranus could be the origin or the “tree” of the DF.

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