Dragon’s plan explained

As you saw in Chapter 904, the Revolutionary Army plans to declare war against the Celestial Dragons. They said that Reverie will be an opportunity to do that.

The majority of readers thought that what Dragon meant was to attack Mariejois during the Reverie. I strongly believe this is NOT the case. Dragon is not stupid to the point of launching an all-out attack against the most important city of the World Government in which the entire Marine forces will be present. Re-read the chapter as many times as you want, the word “attack” was never mentioned regarding the war against Mariejois. They only talked about a “declaration” of war.

Oda gave us a hint, in the same chapter, at what the Revolutionaries will do. That guy is a pure genius. In Chapter 904, when the Pinkbeard Pirates attacked Ilusia Kingdom, the ugly captain Pinkbeard ordered that girl to bring money. She replied saying that they only got the Celestial Gold that they must give to Celestial Dragons.

During the Reverie, the kings of the countries of the World Govt are all in Mariejois with their elite soldiers, so the Revolutionary Army will take them off guard. They will occupy all those countries, and no more gold will be given to Celestial Dragons by those countries. It is a declaration of war. This is a known military strategy, they will cut the arms of the Octopus. Imagine the World Govt as a giant octopus controlling the world, its arms are all the countries that fund it. What is the first thing you do if you wanna take down that World Govt ? Cut the funds. In other words, cut its hands.

This will be the beginning of the huge war that Oda had been teasing for so long. In a recent interview with Viz Media, Oda talked about how the future of One Piece is exciting, he said that ” fans will get to see the important players making their progress, while a power change disturbs the world “.

Monkey D. Dragon will have the World Govt’s countries under his control. No more gold will be given to Celestial Dragons anymore. A huge war begins, taking place in different locations of the world, Revolutionaries engaging in Guerrilla fights … that’s how i imagine things going .

You saw the 4 commanders, Morley and Betty and Lindbergh and Karasu. I like them, but you can tell that their powers are not made for a direct military engagement against the Marine. This isn’t the Revolutionary Army’s style. They already took Doflamingo’s guns, do you think those guns will do anything to Marines and CP-0 in Mariejois ? of course not, and Dragon knows that. He’ll start a very large-scale war against the Government, and it’s just the beginning.

At this year’s Reverie, a new power will rise to free the world. The kings who attended Reverie left an opening, and Dragon will not waste this opportunity. One Piece will never be the same as soon as Dragon makes his move.

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